Sacred Heart Series

This series began in November 2014. Images feature personalities juxtaposed with re-appropriated sacred heart imagery. The heart in this case has been taken by me and recontextualized into a symbol reflecting the love and essence of the individual depicted--a symbol transcending boundaries of culture or religion; one that is meant to be a unifying symbol binding all people regardless of cultural background.


A collection of cultural icon tributes created from 2016 to present.

Dia de Los Muertos

This Dia de Los Muertos series began in 2012 and contains over 80 images of well known figures. Musicians. Actors. Fictional Characters. Politicians. Activists. Scientists. Artists. Authors ... all of which are adorned with traditional sugar skull makeup meant to reflect the essence of their personality. Some living or recently deceased portraits have variations on the theme. Most of the pieces were completed in water soluble oil paints--some are done in acrylic. And the energy each one brings? Very different. Some were peaceful during the process; others more restless and altered the feel of the space. 

Intuitive Painting

These special pieces were created by purely following my emotional gut. No references are used--the focus is on the use of color, texture and the expression of emotion.

They were started in October 2015 were created based on a challenge to paint completely intuitively. That is, to paint from a purely emotional place without references or pre-disposed notion of what will come to the canvas.

Prints are not being created of paintings in this series. Originals are for sale.

Divine Feminine

This series focuses on the divine nature of the female spirit and form.