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About Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon

Jennifer is an artist who lives and works in East Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to her fine art work, she is the owner/operator of the award winning HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery located in her home town. She is also the Vice Chair of the East Providence Arts Council and a coordinator for the award winning Looff Arts Festival.

She's a self taught painter who was originally trained in sculpture at Rhode Island College in the 1990s. She's supplemented her education in England and Italy. She has been featured in numerous solo and group shows throughout south eastern New England over the past two decades.  (See CV here)

Gillooly Cahoon attempts to create portraits that bear more than just a likeness -- she strives to fashion pieces that reveal the essence of those being portrayed. She is best known for her ethereal portraits focusing on pop culture icons spanning a number of cultures, backgrounds, and specialties.

Additionally, she takes commissions for numerous occasions; weddings, engagements, the birth of children and grandchildren, memorial portraits, or just to mark a special place in time.

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