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50 Different Faces Project

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I took on a project using a material I'm not accustomed to using - watercolor. Using mostly this medium and supplementing occasionally with other water-soluble media, I set out to create 50 completely different faces. Allowing myself to play in this way not only re-energized my studio practice (using acrylics on canvas) - it also set ideas in motion for possible future endeavors on a larger scale. The project commenced on July 21, 2020 and was finished 21 days later on August 11th. Some were just simple distractions, while others allowed for powerful stress relief in the midst of uncertain times. 

All 50 faces are arranged in grids accommodating up to 9 faces. Watch the video to see a flip-through of the actual sketchbook, or click on any in a given grid to enlarge and scroll through the groupings. 

Originals are not yet for sale, but if interested, signed/numbered limited edition 8.5"x11" inch prints on fine art paper are available in series of 30 each. A single reproduction is $30. Contact me here to see if there are still prints available in the image you desire. 

(Prints are made from hi-res scans of images, unlike the low-res phone captures showcased below.)

Watch the Video | Click Below

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