Beyond the Diagnosis

I only donate original paintings to one organization, and that's Beyond the Diagnosis.


Click on their website to learn more about the amazing things being done for the rare disease community via founder Patricia Weltin and artists from all over the world who freely create and donate all works.


If you're an artist looking to contribute, there's a link to apply on the website. If you're a parent of a child with a rare disease, you may inquire about having them painted as well.

Beyond the Diagnosis Portraits

Jansen Type Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia

Arshaan and Jahan:

Timothy Syndrome

Eric Beyond the Diagnosis

Nonketonic Hyperglycinemia


Learn more about this organization here.

Beyond the Diagnosis

Artist: JGCahoon.  Based in East Providence, Rhode Island . Cell Phone: (401) 474-5717 Associated with HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery.

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